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Skin Rejuvenation


Rejuvenating the ageing skin is of the utmost importance.  It is pointless managing unwanted lines with Botulinum toxin and refill loss of subcutaneous tissue with fillers if the skin itself is aged, dehydrated,  full of superficial wrinkles and lines as well as veins and sun spots.

Rejuvenating the skin is therefore an essential part of the four R's, which are Relaxing with Botulinum toxin,  Refilling with filler,  Rejuvenation with the skin itself and Redraping lax skin where necessary.

Rejuvenating the skin does not need to be a traumatic experience.  Depending on a patient's degree of ageing and requirements rejuvenation of the skin can be as simple as using the correct creams or using an easy procedure with no downtime at the LCM Skin and Laser Clinic.

Of course patients with the requirement for more aggressive rejuvenation can have a much stronger procedure performed with much more dramatic results.

The dermatologists at Skinmatters can evaluate and advise you appropriately.