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Excessive Sweating (Hyperhydrosis)


Excessive sweating or localized hyperhydrosis has been revolutionised by the use of Botulinum toxin.  In general two     types of excessive sweating occurs.  The one type is caused by internal abnormalities and causes sweating all over the body.  This will be investigated by your dermatologist or doctor if it is present and underlying problems surched for such as thyroid abnormalities.  The second form of excessive sweating is managed very effectively by dermatologists.  This is called localised hyperhydrosis where the excessive sweating is not caused by a internal or hormonal abnormality but by a localised area of skin that sweats to much.  Examples of such areas are excessive sweating in the underarms (armpits, axillae), forehead and scalp,  as well as the hands and feet.  Some patients also have excessive localized sweating in the groins one areas of their back when the case of female patients underneath the breasts.  Another form of localised excessive sweating is following surgery for excessive sweating of the palms and feet when patients develop socalled compensatory sweating with excessive sweating elsewhere on the body.  This can also occasionally be manage with Botulinum toxin.

Botulinum toxin (Botox or Dysport) is injected into the area of excessive sweating and usually controls the problem for nine to twelve months.  In some patients the control is even longer.  It is safe and easy to perform.Your dermatologist at skinmatters will be able to provide you with any further advice and information on this very effective treatment. Hands and feet can theoretically be treated with botulinum toxin but we at the practice are not that enthusiastic about it because it requires more units, localised nerve blocks because the treatment is quite painful,  and does not last as long as on other areas of localised sweating. We prefer treating the underarms,  forehead and scalp and other rarer effected areas as mentioned above.  For these areas it is probably the area of choice and to be considered before surgery is perused.  For the hands and feet however surgery stays an option and a inform choice should be made between the patient, dermatologist and surgeon after considering all other possibilities. 

The excessive of sweating,  in addition to using botulinum toxin can also be manage by topical remedies, and occasionally oral medication may be of value.